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2018-2019 Dance Classes

Classical Ballet Drop-In Class

Each 75-minute Classical Ballet Drop-In Class is a stand-alone class, with full barre and center floor work. This is a comprehensive intermediate/advanced classical ballet technique class for teens/adults who are dedicated to maintaining or supplementing their training regimen.

Students may choose to “drop in” from time to time or may choose to take a series of classes. Dress code is leotard and tights (for women) and tights/leggings and close-fitting t-shirt (for men.) Dance cover-ups and ballet skirts are permitted. Pink split-sole ballet shoes for women and black split-sole ballet shoes for men.
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Mid-June 2019
$18 per class, reduced to $17 per class for a 5-class dance card, $16 per class for a 10-class dance card, or $15 per class for a 15-class dance card.
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