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2018-2019 Dance Classes

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Barre & Technique

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Barre & Technique is a combined level (Int/Adv) classical ballet barre and technique class for serious students with prior ballet training who have mastered the fundamentals of classical ballet technique and terminology and are working on refining their technique to take it to the next level.

This class is for high-level ballet students. Students register for this class with the understanding that the teacher will evaluate students during the first few weeks of class to guarantee correct class placement. Non-performance class. Dress code is black leotard and pink tights (for girls) and black tights/leggings and close-fitting white t-shirt (for boys.) Pink split-sole ballet shoes for girls and black split-sole ballet shoes for boys.
Days of Week
Time of Day
Appropiate Ages
10 & up
Class starts
Class ends
Mid-June 2019
$486 if pre-paid by August 20, or ten monthly payments of $54 each (may withdraw with prorated refund at any time.)
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